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Nomadasaurus, an unusual Australian company that survives on blogging has just published a page on the Pamir Highway with "all you need to know" details. See here.

The United Nations University has produced some superb documentary films about the Pamirs and the effects of climate change on life there - see here and here.

Some of the best photos of the Pamirs (and other high mountain regions) can be found in Matthieu Paley's photo galleries on; be sure to look at his superb photographs of the Afghan Pamir on "Afghan Pamir Re-visited - The Last Khan". His new website describes his project for a somewhat different approach to tour organising.

Nicolas Pernot has just published a beautiful collection of photos "Tajikistan - Peoples and Landscapes" - that captures perfectly daily life and the joie de vivre of the people of the Pamirs - see here. Copies can be ordered here (ISBN 978-2-9546414-1-6) or at the Noor Art Gallery in Dushanbe. For more information see his website here.

Theodore Kaye is also a good photographer - see here.

Felix Keller has some excellent photos of the Eastern Pamirs (Murghab district) on his website - see here.

Markus Hauserís website at contains some stunning panorama photos of the Pamirs. He has also taken good pictures of some of the archaeological sites in the region. See here.

See also Davide Monteleone's superb photos in a 2016 National Geographic article here.

For two literally breathtaking virtual helicopter rides through the high Pamirs see here and here. Why spend $10,000 an hour for a real helicopter flight?

For those who would like to explore other beautiful parts of Tajikistan (Zarafshan valley, including Iskanderkul, Fan mountains, Yaghnob) see: and

The UN cosponsors the Pamir-Alai Land Management project in Murghab district, including measures to protect the tersken plant and promote geo-thermal heating - see:

For superb photographs and an excellent narrative on the Afghan Wakhan see Julien Dufour's website:

Mountain Unity International, an NGO set up to promote economic development in north east Afghanistan (in particular the Wakhan), with a focus on mountain tourism, operates the website

For detailed information and photographs:

- on Xinjiang on the Chinese side, see:

- and on the Gojal valley of Hunza in the Northern Areas of Pakistan see:

For some fine photographs of the Chinese Pamirs see

Other links for general information: 

In 2004, John Mock and Kimberley O'Neil published a comprehensive report "The Source of the Oxus River: A Journey to the Wakhan Pamir & Across Dilisang Pass to Misgar" - see

In the same vein, Bill Colegrave's blog reproduces the fascinating report he prepared for the London Royal Geographical Society on his 2007 expedition in the footsteps of George Nathaniel Curzon and others in search of the source of the Oxus.

Chinese visitors to my site may find the following site useful:

Kenneth Hanson is a superb photographer and his blog "Shadows of the Great Game" is very well-written. See here.

I liked AndySD's 2012 blog - well and sensitively written, accompanied by good photos. See here.

For Dutch speakers, see here and here.

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