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The handicraft products presented on this web page are the result of a development project for the support of handicrafts in the mountainous region of Badakhshan, located in the Pamirs in Tajikistan.


Old Craft
Old Craft
Old Craft
Old Crafts



The project started in spring 2004, implemented through MSDSP (Mountain Societies Development Support Program). It is based in Khorog (administrative centre of the Gorno-Badakhshan region). The project started with the selection of motivated and creative artisans. Soon after developing the production of a handicraft item showing good potential for sale, a commercial name and logo were given to the products: “De Pamiri Handicraft”


Exhibition in Bukhara
Exhibition in Bukhara



The project registered as an NGO in August 2005. In November 2005 “De Pamiri Handicraft” became a member of CACSA (Central Asia Craft Support Association ).


The Artisan



The aim of the project is to support the creative production of handicrafts (based on traditional techniques and designs), opening new economic opportunities and promoting Pamiri culture and identity.

In April 2006, the project works with 40 regular partner artisans. The quality of their production has improved and new designs are being produced. Some artisans benefited from training organised by the project in collaboration with other NGOs working in the same field (ATA, ACTED, CAMP, CACSA), and became trainers for others.
The continuation of Pamiri handicraft tradition is ensured by adapting old designs to modern demand and by increasing the role of the artisan’s own creativity.

The project investigated traditional ancient and modern patterns and researched the names, philosophy, and legends attached to them, as well as the influence of the culture of neighbouring countries.


Through the project sales points, each of the 40 partner artisans earns an average of 25USD per month.





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