Recently, I added a page on Cycling. It and the Trekking section are the most visited pages on the site. I was recently contacted by someone who is planning a kayak tour in the Pamirs and thought it might be useful to add a special page of "white water" links and see what response I get. Please get in touch if you have information that might be of use to those planning similar tours.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT SAFETY:The first thing to say is that white-water sports in the Pamirs are potentially dangerous: several of the most interesting stretches are in uninhabited and remote areas; water speeds are unpredictable because of changing patterns of glacier and snow melt; and rivers are strewn with rocks. As in any mountain environment, weather and temperature are subject to sudden changes. This can result in avalanches, mudslides, flash floods, and damage to, or destruction or blockage of, pathways and bridges. Great prudence is required, in particular ensuring adequate equipment, supplies and warm clothing. The sponsors of the present website decline all responsibility for accidents.

A recent dangerous incident in a very remote area, in which a SPOT beacon was used to alert rescue services, suggests the advisability of subscribing to this or a similar emergency device - see here.

Paragliding - a new activity in the Pamirs? Spectacular but high risk - see here, here, and here.


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2009 Russian expedition (see link below to


During the Soviet Union, there were many expeditions to the Pamirs for white water sports: several years ago I was taking a ski lift in Villars and got talking to the person travelling up with me on the lift, who turned out to be a professor at the EPFL in Lausanne. I mentioned the Pamirs and he told me that he had been President of the student athletic association in St. Petersburg and had organised white water expeditions to the Murghab river in the Pamirs.

Here are a few of the websites I have found. It will be no surprise that most of the links are to Russian websites, but in many cases, there is a link to the e-mail of the author, who may be willing to give advice in English. Some carry interesting videos. This listing is by no means complete nor is it in any particular order. If your blog/website is not here, or if you know of another useful site, please contact me at the e-mail address on the Home Page.


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